A huge misconception with hiring wedding photographers is that as long as you hire the best of the best you will get the..


& while that mindset has a lot of validity to it the true point of the matter is….

Us wedding photographers need you guys as our couples & clients to work with us to a certain degree!

& that’s what this is all about!

8 tips to help you guys get AMAZING wedding photos 

These ten tips with you hiring an amazing company 

(hopefully The Rivers Photo shameless plug)

Will SOAR the result you get at the end of the day!!

Find some room in your budget for a planner or coordinator.

This is going to be worth it for you in the end! You need someone with experience who can help you manage things of your day. Even if hiring a full blown planner is not in your budget or style a day of coordinator is normally offered by many planning companies and is someone who is simply there for the day of wedding necessities. You don’t want to be the one that is handling answering the door for your florals or cake etc etc.

Always expect the unexpected

You have to always be expecting the unexpected. Law of life if something can go wrong? It will. That’s why whomever you hire you have to be sure that they can handle curveballs life hands them & that YOU as a client can trust your vendors to make the most out of anything unexpected. There are times when you wish you never asked your loved ones to be in your getting ready room because they may be cramping your style, taking longer to get ready etc.

You have to understand that if you hired the right group of people that your planner will be able to read the room communicate to your bridal party & that your team of photographers will get quality & quantity photographers in time for everything else to run smoothly. 

So hire well, expect the unexpected & always BREATHE! 

( I know that was a lot of extra baby tips 😉 ) 

Create Time Padding

When creating your timeline, always add an extra 15 minutes to the event. Your ceremony is predicted to be 45 minutes? 

On the timeline make it a solid hour.

We are one of those people who makes every clock around us 10 minutes late to always make sure we leave on time. It’s that mindset that will keep you breathing with ease.

12pm-2pm is always the worst time to be outside

I don’t care what you are doing or where you are located this is the worst time to photograph outside. Always avoid timing any outside photos at this time. We will always try to make it work but there’s only so much even the best of the best can do when the sun is scorching down on you!

Take note of where you stand on wedding day

Oftentimes we don’t know your standing arrangements until the moment we are photographing & so many times we wince and wish we could advise you to make a minor adjustment. 

For example if you are a bride and your hairstyle falls on the side of your face that’s the same side you are facing your wedding guests? It would be hard for us to get your facial expressions photographed on your ceremony

OR you may be standing in a spot and because you didn’t practice your rehearsal at the same time you were getting married now you have an awful shadow over your face.

Record your dress getting bustled at the store

Listen when you are hot & bothered & really just want your dressed bustled so that you can kick off your shoes & relax your feet 

( Yes I did just bust out in song while typing this up)

Trying to recall where the heck those baby buttons are in the midst of your dress you will wish you had taken better note when you purchased your dress so record where those baby buttons are and airdrop it to mom or bff as well so they have that on them & can help save your day!

Think about your objects!

Have one person on your wedding day bring a backpack that the bridal party or family can chuck any keys, flashlights,phones etc.

On engagement sessions we always have a spot but on wedding day our team strays away from holding an entire bridal & family parties worth of stuff

Enjoy your damn self!!

Don’t feel like this is a filler tip because it’s not.

One thing often I hear later on is a couple say that they wish they wouldn’t have worried about this or that. The Couples that let things roll off of their back & roll with the punches ends up having such a beautiful gallery because they remain confident & smiling the entire day. 

So enjoy yourself couples. 


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