I`m Jay, the one who shows up and shows out on the day with love & energy. I handle the emails, engagement sessions & I am the videographer for The Rivers.
When I am not acting a fool in order to make you laugh or get comfortable in front of the camera I am watching WWE, looking up random things on youtube & waiting patiently (or as best as I can) while my wife is in Target for the 18th time. An element I bring to your wedding day is the ability to read the vibes of the room so I can bring the energy as much as you need or fall back & be that fly on the wall capturing your memories.
Nine times out of ten if you play the right music I will be doing the wobble side by side with your Grandmom.
I’m excited to share some jokes with you ( maybe slightly inappropriate jokes ) & ready to make some memories!


I am either on my Michael Scoot or my Beyonce, no in between.
My dream home is any home within walking distance to Target ( #GOALS), my Pinterest game is strong & I am an extroverted Introvert to the tee.
I’m also super into the basics of astrology ( Pisces! Jay is a Taurus so I am sweet + empathic & Jay is…stubborn & affectionate.) so tell me your sign because 9 times out of ten I will ask!
I have a fanny pack that I`m not afraid to wear on your wedding day because I believe in being prepared + always on point on your wedding day also I do carry mini bottles of fireball + CLEAR hair ties ( in case you need one but we forget to have you take it off of your wrist.)
OH! I am also the editor of all photography + the business manager for the business, so all of the guides, contracts, web design, marketing etc is my responsibility to the business.


Jaden Is three years old & is a October Libra child. She is pretty much mommy’s personality with daddies face ( #twins)
She is our one and only #lordwilling LOL shes a fiesty child with TONS of intelligence, energy, energy & well more energy.
Our free time is mostly spent with her at Disney, Jeremiahs ice or Sonics
( Oh yeah did I mention she can out eat her parents? #geez)