2020 Wedding Color Schemes

Can I be honest?

These are some of my favorite blog content to create because I am a stan for a good ole color palette or scheme.

So here I will indulge in sharing some sweet color palates you can use for your wedding in any capacity!

Poptop has an amazing blog post with tips and tricks on how to pick + use the best wedding schemes for your wedding!

Vibrant Wedding Color Scheme

Pj + Nicoles wedding offered such a vibrant color for their wedding!

A mix of a fiery red with the greenery background makes their wedding come literally alive! If you are a Florida couple we highly recommend that you check out The capen house for your big day!


Vibrant Hex codes

– F20544

Luxury Wedding Scheme

Czar & Jessica’s wedding day was just hands down gorgeous!

The slight peach of Jessicas dress along with her pick of bouquet flowers

(that she made herself! Say WHATTT!! #girlpower )

They picked perfectly to pair with the California mountains for their Morento Valley elopement.


Luxury Color Scheme

– A67F5D

Garden Wedding Scheme

Britany & Cj had an amazing garden Luxmore wedding last year that really bought about an amazing vibe.

Their greenery & blues were adequately used with a dash of brown that truly took it up a notch. The dark blue in CJ`s bowtie compliments the greenery in their background along with their amazing skin tone.


Garden Wedding Color Scheme


Hit me with your best color schemes!

That’s a wrap! I will be adding to this post this year as I get inspired by the weddings we photograph.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or any creative titles for the wedding color schemes I suggested above!

Are there any color or trends you are noticing circulating around?

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