About Us

Jay Rivers

I`m Jay. I`m super blessed that I can provide more then a dope last name to the business, watching my wife have such a thrill capturing moments really pushed me into the idea of loving weddings. I`m the unpredictable, inappropriate jokes one. Thats why we have to know with our couples so we can get to the point where we can really just be free to be ourselves and capture who you really are. A few posed ones for momma and dad back home but the rest? I want you to just be you!

Jakayla Rivers

I am your extroverted introvert!
I am the one who walks in chill/calm to the bridal suite & then as soon as you mention nerves or you wish you had a shot I am like YASSSS got some JACK DANIELS in my fanny pack! (Yes i really do have a fanny pack + really do carry mini bottles of liquor for emergencies.)
& come wedding day I am ninja style getting memories you didn’t even know were possible!
I love to watch The Office, Grey`s Anatomy & The Bachelor!

Jaden Rivers

This is our mini Rivers! (and our third “J”)
She is 2 years old and is already attached to a mini camera we got her!
She has quite a wild spirit and her favorite word is uncle. If you ever meet her sing I like to eat apples and bananas and you will win over her little heart. She is the love of our life and the reason why mommy drinks so much coffee, we always say she’s mommies personality with daddies face!
Pj Masks on repeat is how she spends her time.